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Periwinkle Nursery Rhymes

Being digitally empowered is the new way of life, and at Periwinkle, we wholeheartedly embrace this notion.

We believe that e-learning makes education an interactive, engaging and fun activity, thereby helping in higher and long-term knowledge retention.

Our app consists of e-learning videos for Kindergarten to Class 10 on Songs, Rhymes, Stories, English, Grammar, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Hindi, Environmental Science, General Knowledge, Information Technology, Origami and much more.

With voice and illustrations, the videos infuse a spark of life into the words of textbooks. An enriching and self-paced learning experience, these videos handpick examples from everyday life along with great quality content, to be a comprehensive learning tool for children all around the world.

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Periwinkle Nursery Rhymes